Index of exceptions

Cannot_sort_dependancies [Ldap_ooclient]
You have detached cycles in your generator dependancy lists

Decoding_error [Lber]

Encoding_error [Lber]
End_of_changerecs [Ldif_changerec_oo]
raised at the end of the change records

Generation_failed [Ldap_ooclient]
Generator has failed because of some kind of error
Generator_dep_unsatisfiable [Ldap_ooclient]
Your generator depends on an attribute which isn't in the schema

Invalid_attribute [Ldap_ooclient]
Invalid_changerec [Ldif_changerec_oo]
an exception raised when there is a parse error
Invalid_dn [Ldap_dn]
raised when something goes wrong with conversion to or from a string.
Invalid_filter [Ldap_filter]
raised when something goes wrong in to_string or of_string.
Invalid_ldap_url [Ldap_url]
will be raised in the event of a parse or type error.
Invalid_objectclass [Ldap_ooclient]

LDAP_Decoder [Ldap_types]
A decoding error has occurred, the argument contains a description of the error.
LDAP_Encoder [Ldap_types]
An encoding error has occurred, the argument contains a description of the error This is likely a bug, so it should be reported
LDAP_Failure [Ldap_types]
The exception raised to indicate all types of failure in the higher level libraries Ldap_funclient, and Ldap_ooclient.
functions for implementing mutexes on top of LDAP's built in test and set mechanism.

No_generator [Ldap_ooclient]
You've asked it to generate an attribute (in a service) which doesn't have a generator
No_service [Ldap_ooclient]
The service you're talking about doesn't exist

Objectclass_is_required [Ldap_ooclient]

Parse_error_at [Ldap_schemaparser]
Parse_error_oc [Ldap_schemaparser]

Readbyte_error [Lber]

Server_error [Ldap_funserver]
raised whenever an error occurrs in the server
Service_dep_unsatisfiable [Ldap_ooclient]
A service which the one you tried to add depends on doesn't exists
Single_value [Ldap_ooclient]
Syntax_error_at [Ldap_schemaparser]
Syntax_error_oc [Ldap_schemaparser]

Txn_commit_failure [Ldap_txooclient]
raised when a commit fails, contains a list of entries which were not rolled back successfully only if rollback failed as well, otherwise None
Txn_rollback_failure [Ldap_txooclient]
raised when an explicit rollback fails