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About Ocamldap

Ocamldap is an implementation of the Light Weight Directory Access Protocol, and a set of useful tools built around it. It includes high level libraries for creating ldap clients and ldap servers. It also includes many of the auxiliary tools needed for building intelligent solutions, and interoperating with other directories. These include, an rfc2252 schema parser, and an schema checker, an ldif parser and printer, a search filter parser (but no printer yet), and a rudimentary ldap url parser. While including things already done elsewhere is fun, ocamldap adds something as well. So it implements a concept which tries to provide a basic unit of abstraction for managing directory data, called a service. A service is a bit like a stored search filter that you give a name. So you can ask ocamldap if an object satisfies its conditions, but unlike a search filter you can also ask ocamldap to MAKE an object satisfy its conditions. This can be really useful in distributed managment applications. Needless to say, more on this in the Documentation section.