Class Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount

class ldapaccount : Ldap_schemaparser.schema -> (string, generator) Hashtbl.t -> (string, service) Hashtbl.t -> object .. end

Account Manipulation Methods

method add_service : string -> unit
add the named service to the object, this also adds all the services depended upon by the named service.
method delete_service : string -> unit
Delete the named service. This will also delete all services which depend on it, either directly or indirectly
method adapt_service : service -> service
Run service through the delta engine to find out what changes would actually be applied to this object
method service_exists : string -> bool
Tests whether the named service is satisfied by the current entry. A service is satisfied if no changes would result from adding it to the entry.
method services_present : string list
Return a list of all the named services which are satisfied by the current entry.
method add_generate : string -> unit
add the named attribute to the list of attributes to be generated
method delete_generate : string -> unit
Delete the named attribute from the list of attributes to generate
method generate : unit
Run the generation functions on the list of attributes to be generated, saving the results in the entry. You must run this method in order to run any generators at all.

Inherited Methods

Unless explicitly stated, these methods do exactly the same thing as in Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry
method add : op_lst -> unit
Missing attributes may be marked for generation.
method attributes : string list
method changes : (Ldap_types.modify_optype * string * string list) list
method changetype : changetype
method delete : op_lst -> unit
method dn : string
method diff : ldapentry_t ->
(Ldap_types.modify_optype * string * string list) list
method exists : string -> bool
method flush_changes : unit
method get_value : string -> string list
If a missing attribute is marked for generation its value will be "generate" instead of "required"
method is_allowed : string -> bool
method is_missing : string -> bool
method list_allowed : Setstr.elt list
method list_missing : Setstr.elt list
method list_present : Setstr.elt list
method modify : (Ldap_types.modify_optype * string * string list) list -> unit
method of_entry : ?scflavor:scflavor -> ldapentry -> unit
method print : unit
Deprecated.Missing required attributes which will be generated are shown as "attrname: generate" instead of "attrname: required"
method replace : op_lst -> unit
method set_changetype : changetype -> unit
method set_dn : string -> unit