Index of class methods

adapt_service [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
Run service through the delta engine to find out what changes would actually be applied to this object
add [Ldap_txooclient.ldapadvisorytxcon]
add [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry_t]
add [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
Missing attributes may be marked for generation.
add [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
Add values to the entry, just as Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry.add, However, after the add is complete the schema checker is run in Optimistic mode.
add [Ldap_ooclient.ldapcon]
add an entry to the database
add [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry]
add values to an attribute (or create a new attribute).
add_generate [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
add the named attribute to the list of attributes to be generated
add_service [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
add the named service to the object, this also adds all the services depended upon by the named service.
associate_entries [Ldap_txooclient.ldapadvisorytxcon]
associate_entry [Ldap_txooclient.ldapadvisorytxcon]
attributes [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry_t]
attributes [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
attributes [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
Same as Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry.attributes, except that the returned list contains attributes which may not yet exist on the entry.
attributes [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry]
return a list of the type (name) of all the attributes present on the object

begin_txn [Ldap_txooclient.ldapadvisorytxcon]
bind [Ldap_txooclient.ldapadvisorytxcon]
bind [Ldap_ooclient.ldapcon]
bind to the database using dn.

changes [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry_t]
changes [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
changes [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
Same as Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry.changes except that changes made by the schema checker may also be listed.
changes [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry]
return a list of changes made to the object in a the format of a modify operation.
changetype [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry_t]
changetype [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
changetype [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
changetype [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry]
return the changetype of the object
commit_txn [Ldap_txooclient.ldapadvisorytxcon]

delete [Ldap_txooclient.ldapadvisorytxcon]
delete [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry_t]
delete [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
delete [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
Same as Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry.add, except that the schema checker is run in Pessimistic mode after the operation is complete.
delete [Ldap_ooclient.ldapcon]
Delete the object named by dn from the database
delete [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry]
delete attributes from the object, does not change the directory until you update
delete_generate [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
Delete the named attribute from the list of attributes to generate
delete_service [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
Delete the named service.
diff [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry_t]
diff [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
diff [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
diff [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry]
given an ldapentry, return the differences between the current entry and the specified entry in the form of a modify operation which would make the specified entry the same as the current entry.
disassociate_entries [Ldap_txooclient.ldapadvisorytxcon]
disassociate_entry [Ldap_txooclient.ldapadvisorytxcon]
dn [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry_t]
dn [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
dn [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
dn [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry]
return the dn of the object

exists [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry_t]
exists [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
exists [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
Same as Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry.exists except that it refrences attributes which may not yet exist.
exists [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry]
query whether the attribute type (name) exists in the object

flush_changes [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry_t]
flush_changes [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
flush_changes [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
flush_changes [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry]
clear all accumulated changes

generate [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
Run the generation functions on the list of attributes to be generated, saving the results in the entry.
get_value [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry_t]
get_value [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
If a missing attribute is marked for generation its value will be "generate" instead of "required"
get_value [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
Same as Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry.get_value, except that attributes which do not yet exists may be referenced.
get_value [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry]
get the value of an attribute

is_allowed [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
is_allowed [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
Returns true if the attributed specified is allowed by the current set of objectclasses present on the entry.
is_missing [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
is_missing [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
Returns true if the attribute specified is a must, but is not currently present.

list_allowed [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
list_allowed [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
Return a list of all attributes allowed on the entry (by oid)
list_missing [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
list_missing [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
Return a list of all missing attributes (by oid)
list_present [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
list_present [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
Return a list of all present attributes.
lock [Ldap_mutex.object_lock_table_t]
lock [Ldap_mutex.mutex_t]
lock [Ldap_mutex.object_lock_table]
lock the specified dn, if it is already locked, then block until the lock can be aquired
lock [Ldap_mutex.mutex]
lock the mutex.

modify [Ldap_txooclient.ldapadvisorytxcon]
modify [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry_t]
modify [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
modify [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
Same as Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry.modify except that the schema checker is run in Pessimistic mode after the modification is applied.
modify [Ldap_ooclient.ldapcon]
Modify the entry named by dn, applying mods
modify [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry]
Apply modifications to object in memory, does not change the database until you update using Ldap_ooclient.ldapcon.update_entry
modrdn [Ldap_txooclient.ldapadvisorytxcon]
modrdn [Ldap_ooclient.ldapcon]
Modify the rdn of the object named by dn, if the protocol version is 3 you may additionally change the superior, the rdn will be changed to the attribute represented (as a string) by newrdn,

of_entry [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
of_entry [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
Given an Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry copy all of it's data into the current object, and perform a schema check.
of_string [Ldif_changerec_oo.change]
of_string [Ldif_oo.ldif]

print [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry_t]
print [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
print [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
print [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry]

rawschema [Ldap_txooclient.ldapadvisorytxcon]
rawschema [Ldap_ooclient.ldapcon]
Fetch the raw (unparsed) schema from the directory using the standard mechanism (requires protocol version 3)
read_changerec [Ldif_changerec_oo.change]
read_entry [Ldif_oo.ldif]
replace [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry_t]
replace [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
replace [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
Same as Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry.replace except that once the replace has completed the schema checker is run again in Optimistic mode.
replace [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry]
replace values in the object, does not change the database until you call update
rollback_txn [Ldap_txooclient.ldapadvisorytxcon]

schema [Ldap_txooclient.ldapadvisorytxcon]
schema [Ldap_ooclient.ldapcon]
Fetch and parse the schema from the directory via the standard mechanism (requires version 3).
search [Ldap_txooclient.ldapadvisorytxcon]
search [Ldap_ooclient.ldapcon]
Search the directory syncronously for an entry which matches the search criteria.
search_a [Ldap_txooclient.ldapadvisorytxcon]
search_a [Ldap_ooclient.ldapcon]
Search the directory asyncronously, otherwise the same as search.
service_exists [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
Tests whether the named service is satisfied by the current entry.
services_present [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
Return a list of all the named services which are satisfied by the current entry.
set_changetype [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry_t]
set_changetype [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
set_changetype [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
set_changetype [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry]
set the changetype of the object
set_dn [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry_t]
set_dn [Ldap_ooclient.ldapaccount]
set_dn [Ldap_ooclient.scldapentry]
set_dn [Ldap_ooclient.ldapentry]
set the dn of the object

to_string [Ldif_changerec_oo.change]
to_string [Ldif_oo.ldif]

unbind [Ldap_txooclient.ldapadvisorytxcon]
unbind [Ldap_ooclient.ldapcon]
Deauthenticate and close the connection to the server
unlock [Ldap_mutex.object_lock_table_t]
unlock [Ldap_mutex.mutex_t]
unlock [Ldap_mutex.object_lock_table]
unlock [Ldap_mutex.mutex]
update_entry [Ldap_txooclient.ldapadvisorytxcon]
update_entry [Ldap_ooclient.ldapcon]
Syncronize changes made locally to an ldapentry with the directory.

write_changerec [Ldif_changerec_oo.change]
write_entry [Ldif_oo.ldif]